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Bath Bombs, Kiddy Pools & Water Play

Bath Bombs, Kiddy Pools & Water Play

Bath bombs, kiddy pools, and water play can benefit your child's development!

If you have a kiddy pool at home, your kids see it as a fun way to cool off when it’s hot outside. But that kiddy pool is also the perfect place for creating memorable learning experiences that benefit your child in some impressive ways.

Spoiler alert, Kids Bath Bombs aren’t just for bathing and are the ideal summer time activity on a hot summer day.

What is Kids Water Play?

Quite simply, kids’ water play is any type of activity that lets your child explore and play with and within water. These activities all help with sensory exploration as well as achieving development milestones while expanding on the imagination. And yes, bath bombs can also be thrown into the mix for a sensory experience that teaches much more than how to make a splash in the water.

Why is Kids’ Water Play Good for Children?

Children love to play with water, which automatically engages them into any water play activity. The sensory experiences of water play provides incredible benefits to your child, helping them learn problem solving skills while also developing fine and gross motor skills.

In those first months and years of your child’s life, they learn by getting their hands onto everything. It’s the easiest time to engage your child with the concepts of STEM. According to neurologists, when children are involved with sensory play, they stimulate the neurons in the brain. When these neurons fire, they cause synapses to connect, exciting the brain and priming it for higher levels of cognitive ability.

While some modes of learning may not hold your child’s interest, kids’ water play in the kiddy pool certainly should. It’s fun for them yet they’re building those crucial skills for physical and mental growth.

It’s Not Water Play Without Kids Bath Bombs

The best kids’ water play toys you should bring to your kiddy pool are funnels, squeeze bottles, sponges, containers in an array of sizes, toys that both float and sink, and kids’ bath bombs. Many parents are especially surprised by the last suggestion of kids’ bath bombs, but because they’re so colorful, you can teach your child about color identification, while also helping expand their visual comprehension.

Since they’re so fizzy, children love this sensation. And yes, you can use them in cold water too. You’ll want to choose the ones made with high concentrations of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid. Baking soda and citric acid are our two hero ingredients and Over 90% of Spa-Da’s formula consists of these two anti-inflammatory compounds. Furthermore, this is what causes them to fizz regardless of water temperature and has allowed us to create some of the fizziest bath bombs in the world.

Incidentally, if you’ve somehow missed a spot while applying SPF to your little one’s tender skin, kids’ bath bombs with baking soda are a great way to soothe sunburns. They’re also great for bug bites too.

Are Bath Bombs Safe For the Environment? 

Pool runoff from bath bomb infused water is perfectly safe for the environment. All our ingredients are food grade ingredients according to the FDA and are readily biodegradable under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. In other words, these ingredients do not persist in the environment or harm the healthy microbes living in your soil or local creek. 

Eco-Warning: Just because Spa-Da bath bombs are safe for the environment doesn't mean all bath bombs are. Many brands use synthetic glitters or bath additives that are designed to float on the water and do not readily degrade. These type of products shouldn't be used outside or in your bath tub. 


If you want to use kids’ bath bombs that are safe for your kids, colorful, and fizz up even in the cold water of your kiddy pool, choose Spa-Da. 

Made by moms for moms. We are proudly manufactured in America's Heartland. 

Disclaimer: Never leave your kids alone near any kind of water.


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