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Setting the mood and lighting a candle prior to a bath bomb soak

How to Use Bath Bombs the Right Way

A calming and relaxing bath that enhances your aura and soothes your nerves is just what the doctor orders after a stressful day. Bath bombs are artfully exceptional for pampering yourself or staying on top of your game. Enjoying a warm water bath alone has been shown to boost our mental and physical health and bath bombs optimize this self-care experience. So, let's dive into the facts about Bath Bombs and how to use them in the right way.

How to Use Bath Bombs?

Spoiler alert, there is no right way to use bath bombs, only your way. There are a lot of ways to skin a cat and there are lots of ways to use bath bombs. One way isn’t necessarily better than another and much of it comes down to your individual preferences. 

However, if you’re reading this article there’s a good chance that you’ve never used a bath bomb before and you may not be aware of the health and wellness benefits of warm water bathing. - If you’re not familiar with what a bath bomb is please checkout our prior blog, What is a Bath Bomb? 

The big takeaway from this article is that warm water bathing boosts our mental and physical health and bath bombs make bathing a more enjoyable experience. The rest of the article is going to present an easy guideline on how to use bath bombs and why bath bomb ingredients matter so much. 

Draw Your Bath Before Bombing the Water

Firstly, start filling the warm water in your tub. Warm water provides wellness benefits without drying your skin (unlike hot water) and warm water may be necessary to dissolve your bath bomb properly. Many bath bombs utilize oils and fats that are solids at room temperature and they require warm water to melt the essential fatty acids. Some of the more popular natural moisturizers include coconut oil and cocoa butter. These ingredients melt when exposed to warm water and moisturize your skin while you soak. Remember, that you can always adjust water temperature by adding more cold water or hot water at any point during your bathing experience and just because you have a high tolerance for hot water doesn’t mean it's the best for your skin. 

Once your bath reaches the level of sufficient water, then blast your water with your favorite bath bomb. Bathers can wait for their bath bomb to dissolve completely or many of our consumers (especially kids) jump right in to experience the fizziness with their own bodies. There is no harm when it comes to jumping into a tub while a bath bomb is still fizzing and we encourage people to embrace the fizz and aromatherapy of Spa-Da bath bombs. 

The Spa-Da Difference: It is important to note that all Spa-Da bath bombs are made up of at least 90% baking soda and citric acid, which means they can fizz in both cold and warm water. Not all bath bombs can fizz in the cold and we cut no corners when it comes to our hero ingredients, baking soda & citric acid. To learn more about these hero ingredients check out our blog, Reducing Skin Inflammation With Baking Soda & Citric Acid.  

Add Additional Bath Additives

Most bath bombs utilize essential oils for aromatherapy benefits, but many bathtubbers enjoy adding additional oils, moisturizers, and water enhancers to create a shareable experience on social media. These ingredients combine to enhance your sensory experience and optimize the water for maximum skin benefits. Kid’s love bath additives too and many of our parents will set the stage for their kid’s bath time experience by starting with Spa-Da Kids Bath Bombs and then adding colorful Kid’s Bath Sprinkles for some extra bubbles.  Get creative with your bath additive process.

If you want to relax in the bathtub, try adding oils with the ingredients like lavender or chamomile. The aromatic properties of essential oils will promote relaxed and sufficient sleep during the night.

Sensitive Skin Warning: Many bath bombs and bathing additives may have irritating compounds. If you have sensitive skin be cautious about adding too many bath additives at once. 

Create Your Unique Vibe

Rethink what your bathing experience could be.  

For best results you’ll want to create your own unique vibe and stage the bathroom environment your way. We’ve found that many bathtubbers enjoy reading self-help books or magazines while they listen to spa music, while others may prefer catching up with their daily podcasts. Still Other bathtubbers enjoy getting lost in their own minds while pairing the aromatherapy in their bath bomb with a candle or essential oil diffuser. By creating your own experience It will create a mood for your bath and automatically convert you into your comfort zone. Setting a unique vibe for your bath will make it easier to slow your thinking and begin to relax. 

Spa-Da Tip: Create a purpose for your bath. Are you trying to promote healthy night sleep OR are you trying to hydrate your skin and prevent night time itches? Other purposes include improving mindfulness or meditation. Your purpose should dictate what type of bathing experience you create and what type of products you use. 

How To Use Bath Bombs Without Bathtubs?

Here's good news for the audience that doesn't have a bathtub in their homes, you can use bath bombs in showers for their aromatherapy, exfoliation properties, and conditioning agent. Our spa community has also found ways to use bath bombs for summer kiddy pool fun, water sensory play for toddlers, or elementary school science projects.