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The Humility of Foot Washing

The Humility of Foot Washing

If only we all had the humility of a foot washer. 

We get it, feet can be smelly and disgusting. Many of us don’t even like to touch the feet of our significant other let alone a random stranger. However, foot washing builds character, promotes strong communities, and teaches young people to check their egos.

Benefits of feet washing

Foot soaks, massages, and therapies can improve our mental and physical health, but the simple act of washing another’s feet showcases immense humility. Stories of humility and foot washing are popular in Christian & hebrew religious circles, but the humility and character building of foot washing transcends any one religion. The Bible tells stories of how Jesus washed the feet of his followers while they prayed and all humanity should embrace these acts of kindness no matter your religion, race, or social status. Many foot washing volunteers only participate in one event over their lifetime, but the humility that is taught will be carried with them and passed down through generations. 

What does foot washing symbolize? 

For Christians, foot washing is typically associated with an act of worship (Maundy Thursday)   that is associated with the Last Supper, but it doesn’t have to be. Foot washing is more popular in southern states and the practice typically is hosted at churches where church members pray and perform foot baths for the local community. Foot washing isn’t just about cleaning one's feet or providing a free pedicure, it’s about caring for your neighbors and showing respect and love for your community. Foot washing encourages empathetic thinking and symbolizes love, humility, and service to one’s community.  

Hosting a Foot Washing Event

Hosting foot washing events is a great way for organizations to serve their communities and the less fortunate. Furthermore, foot washing provides learning opportunities for young people that may not be aware of some of the hardship that the less fortunate members of their communities have to deal with. Massaging another’s feet with natural oils may require certain individuals to step out of their comfort zone, but it creates a bonding experience that is hard to replicate. Foot washers learn to look past social status and stinking feet and learn to embrace true humanity. 

At Spa-Da we applaud servitude, philanthropy, and kindness and community foot washing embodies all three of these values. If your organization is looking to host a foot washing event and are looking to save money on supplies we’d love to support your endeavors. If you’ve never volunteered to be a foot washer, we highly recommend it. Foot washing is a powerful and spiritual experience no matter your religion. Foot washing nourishes a culture that is built on civility and kindness. 

Organizations tend to have one foot washing event per year, but the humility that it teaches builds strong communities for the long-haul. Contact to learn more about how Spa-Da can help fund your future foot washing event or provide discounted supplies.