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What’s The Science Behind a Bath Bomb?

What’s The Science Behind a Bath Bomb?

Every kid and many adults want to know what makes their rice Krispy cereal pop and what make’s their bath bombs fizz. We can’t help you with the former, but nearly a decade of research has led us to the development of the world’s fizziest bath bomb formulas. Creating bath bombs isn’t rocket science, but creating long lasting bath fizzies requires special attention to the quality of ingredients, formulation, curing, packaging, and storage. At Spa-Da we take great pride in having the fizziest bath bombs in the world.

Baking Soda & Citric Acid

The two hero ingredients behind every both bomb’s fizz are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda). When these two ingredients are exposed to water it creates the fizziness that we all desire. More specifically, there are multiple chemical reactions that occur. The first fizzy reaction occurs when water causes the sodium molecule to break away from the sodium bicarbonate. While this initial fizz is happening the citric acid begins to  dissolve and releases a single hydrogen ion. The second fizzy reaction occurs when the free hydrogen ion interacts with bicarbonate to release CO2. The result is long-lasting fizz and a fun or relaxing bath experience.

The Spa-Da Difference

However, not all bath bomb’s are made the same and creating the world’s fizziest bath bombs requires extreme detail during our handcrafted processes. More importantly, most bath bombs that are mass produced tend to oxidize during storage and this kills the fizz. If you’re tired of buying bath bombs that don’t fizz then you need to pay attention to the born on date! The perfect bath awaits you, drop a Spa-Da bath bomb today.