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Is Hard Water Drying Out Your Skin ?

Is Hard Water Drying Out Your Skin ?

Skin sensitivity is on the rise and more consumers are paying attention to the ingredients that go into their personal care products. This shift in consumer demand is a positive trend, but if consumers really want to improve their skin they need to be paying attention to their water quality. Most...
bubble bath with surfactants. Is SLSA safe?

Surfactants in Skin Care

At Spa-Da we tirelessly research each ingredient to verify its safety profile, but one ingredient that still confuses customers are surfactants. After talking to many of our customers, we’ve found that many people wrongly believe all surfactants are bad and this is simply not the case.  What are ...
Setting the mood and lighting a candle prior to a bath bomb soak

How to Use Bath Bombs the Right Way

A calming and relaxing bath that enhances your aura and soothes your nerves is just what the doctor orders after a stressful day. Bath bombs are artfully exceptional for pampering yourself or staying on top of your game. Enjoying a warm water bath alone has been shown to boost our mental and phys...
Bathe Away the itch

Bathe Away The Itch

Are you itching for answers to your itchy skin?  Itchy skin is annoying and one of the best ways to stop the itch is with warm water bathing. However, too much bathing or hot water bathing can strip away natural oils, disrupt skin microbiome, and cause the skin to dry out even more. In this artic...
The Humility of Foot Washing

The Humility of Foot Washing

If only we all had the humility of a foot washer.  We get it, feet can be smelly and disgusting. Many of us don’t even like to touch the feet of our significant other let alone a random stranger. However, foot washing builds character, promotes strong communities, and teaches young people to chec...
Alkaline pH logo

Alkaline Baths and Drinking Alkaline Water

When it comes to our overall health, you really are what you consume AND what you bathe in. If you want glowing and healthy skin you may want to start drinking and bathing in mineral-rich alkaline water.  Water is essential for life on Earth, but not all water is made the same or has the same min...