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Wanderlust Bath Bombs

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When your mind wanders, inspiration follows. Breathe in the aromatherapy and revel in the experience. Immerse yourself in a therapeutic water bath that recharges and inspires. 

Spa-Da Wanderlust Bath Bomb gift set is a new product that every bathtub addict and bath bomb connoisseur needs to try. This product is perfect for the dedicated “bathtubber” who loves to travel and explore the world.

Each bomb’s scent was inspired by our top 12 Wanderlust destinations. Wander away from the stresses of daily life with Spa-Da Wanderlust Bath Bombs. The proprietary blend of aromatherapy oils and shea butter will pamper your senses and transport you to a far-off destination. This is the ideal gift for essential oil lovers and includes 12 handcrafted 5 oz bath bombs, nearly DOUBLE THE SIZE of our leading competitors. This means long-lasting fizz, more moisturization, and extended aromatherapy.

Did we mention that we are competitively priced? All of our bath bombs are guaranteed to smell great, moisturize your dry skin, and won’t stain your bathtub! In other words, your significant other will not be mad at you for staining the bathtub! Each Wanderlust bomb provides a unique experience that will put you at ease after a long day of work or after the gym. At Spa-Da we are committed to creating the fizziest bath and most enjoyable bath bombs in the world.

What’s in it? Happiness is found in bath bombs and our in-house team of scientists has spent close to a decade perfecting our bath bomb formula. Our bombs are crafted with love and contain a “VEGAN APPROVED” mixture of baking soda, citric acid, shea butter, Epsom salt, essential oils, and safe synthetics. Free from frustrating and polluting glitters, low-quality fragrances, and harmful parabens and sulfates.

What’s NOT in it are those frustrating glitters and low-quality fragrances. Woman-owned, handmade, high-quality bath bombs made to moisturize skin, and inspire your mind to travel the world, all without leaving your home.