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Foot Fizzies - The #1 Foot Bath Bomb

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WHAT IS A FOOT FIZZY? Foot Fizzy = 1 part bath bomb + 1 part foot soak + 1 part pomice stone. It’s the ultimate at home foot experience that is perfect for him or her. 

DIRECTIONS: Get your biggest pot in the kitchen, foot soaking tub, or draw a warm bath to start your Spa-Day experience. Drop your foot fizzy into the water to initiate fizziness and release aromatic scents of tea tree and lemon. Let your feet soak while reading a book, talking to your loved one, during a business video conference :), or watching TV. After having a good soak, grab the pumice stone and begin to scrub away!

ENJOY A HOME FOOT SPA: We call it the DIY pedicure experience! Pamper yourself and get lost in the wonderful sensation of our soothing lemon, tea tree oil, and Epsom salt pedicure foot soak. Your feet will thank you 

ATHLETES FOOT: The Foot Fizzy is ideal for runner’s and athletes. Be proactive about your feet health and eliminate nasty orders, bacteria, and fungi from growing on your feet. Can be used for various foot ailments including toenail fungus and athlete’s foot.

GET BEAUTIFUL FEET: Our foot soak helps soften stubborn calluses, relieves aches, eliminates odor, and fights irritations and fungus, leaving your feet clean and healthy.

GENTLE EXFOLIATION: Our foot fizzy is formulated with ground pumice for perfect exfoliation. After you’ve refreshed and softened your feet with the foot soak, gently scrub your feet with the fizzy. Light exfoliation will remove dead skin and calluses, leaving your feet smooth and renewed.

GREAT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Do the men and boys in your life have feet so stinky that they actually put you in a bad mood? If regular showers, salt soaks, and foot powders aren’t working for your husbands and kids' stinky feet, then it's time to drop a foot fizzy into their next foot soak.

WOMAN OWNED: We’re woman-owned and hand made in the USA. Our Founder, Tara, is from the heart of the Midwest, Columbus Ohio and it's her mission to make the highest levels of self-care easier and more attainable for Women and Moms. Buy with confidence, 100% Satisfaction, or your money back.